Barely Proper (lost Brad F. Grinter nudist film; 1975)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its nudity.


The film's theatrical poster.

Status: Lost

Barely Proper is a 1975 nudist film that was directed by Brad F. Grinter and produced by Barely Proper Productions Inc. It starred Elmo Gideon, Heather Hughes, Jan Livingston & Cindy Walker[1]. The film was based on the 1931 stage play of the same title, written by Tom Cushing.


A pretty schoolteacher is a nudist and belongs to a nudist colony. She is brought up on charges of immorality before the local school board and the advisability of letting her continue teaching is debated[1].

Production Crew

  • Director: Brad F. Grinter
  • Story: Tom Cushing
  • Writer: Manny Dietz[1]
  • Producers: Brad F. Grinter, Chas Youngman
  • Movie Poster: Elmo Gideon
  • Production Company: Barely Proper Productions Inc.
  • Distributor: Barely Proper Distribution Co. Inc.


  • Chris
  • Elmo Gideon
  • Brad F. Grinter
  • Heather Hughes
  • Jan Livingston
  • Carol Riccio
  • Ed Trostle
  • Cindy Walker
  • Cindy Youngman (as Jelaine Youngman)


Although many production details are unknown, most of them were revealed thanks to a Serious Exploitation post on the film[2]; The film was shot in Florida, USA, and one of the main roles was played by the famous artist Elmo Gideon, who also created the film's poster. Brad F. Grinter directed the film, but he was a nudist in real life[2].

Release & Reception

The film was theatrically released on June 6th, 1975[3] in the United States by distribution company Barely Proper Distribution Co. Inc.[4] (according to another information: by Ambassador Film Distributors[1]). It was received a rating R by the Motion Picture Association of America[5]. The film received strong reactions from publications such as Variety, Miami Herald, Back Stage & Tampa Tribune.


For a long time, nothing was known about the film. Until in 2009, a user named misanthropic_666 posted a thread asking people to help them find the film. This post no longer exists, but its text can be found on the Serious Exploitation post mentioned above.

On March 31st, 2009, an anonymous user left a comment stating that he bought the original film prints from eBay and suggested that Grindhouse Releasing consider releasing it on DVD in the future. As of March 2024, the film had not been released on home video.


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