Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force (lost Gatchaman pilot dub; 2003)

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A screenshot of The Sea Dragon.

Status: Lost

Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force (also known as Battle of the Planets: The New Adventures of G-Force) was a planned third English adaptation of Tatsunoko's 105-episode Science Ninja Team Gatchaman anime television series, by Sandy Frank Entertainment. In 2003, the company announced their intention to produce a new English-language version of the series that would mix elements of Battle of the Planets and G-Force: Guardians of Space, the two prior adaptations, to target a new generation of fans, for broadcast in 2004.[1] Thanks to broadcaster disinterest due to the age of the footage, the project ultimately went unreleased, with ADV Films licensing Gatchaman for a faithful uncut English dub in May 2004.[2][3]

Battle of the Planets: The New Exploits of G-Force was set to be a 52 episode series encompassing content from the first 85 episodes of Gatchaman, the 20 previously unlocalized ones, and new CG animation produced by JulesWorld (including 7-Zark-7).[1][4][5] The series would have been recorded at Ocean Studios in Vancouver, Canada and would've featured a new score and script to help modernize the show and create a tone in-between the two prior adaptations.[1][6]

The twenty-second episode of Gatchaman was adapted into a pilot called "The Sea Dragon." It received two forms: one that focused on adventure and action and another that focused on comedy. At the time, this rendition of the show was sold as Battle of the Planets: The New Adventures of G-Force.[1] It featured the voice work of Scott Campbell, Michael Dobson, Richard Newman, Nicole Oliver, French Tickner and Sam Vincent.[7] Trevor Devall was set to play Zoltar.[8]

Other than the pilot's title card, which was shared in G-Force: Animated The Official Battle of the Planets Guidebook and some brief clips of the new animation produced by Julesworld, no footage of this pilot has ever surfaced.


7-Zark-7 test animation by JulesWorld.

Phoenix jet test animation by JulesWorld.

Test animation by JulesWorld.

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  • The Gutman - An early English dub of Gatchaman believed to have been produced by Tatsunoko in the 1970s/80s.
  • G-Force: Guardians of Space - A 1985 English pilot dub of the series produced by Media360 Group of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This version of the show was ultimately turned down for the Fred Ladd/Sparklin' Entertainment production of the same name.

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