The Gutman (lost early English dub of "Gatchaman"; existence unconfirmed; dates unknown)

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Cover art for a DVD release of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Out of the various adaptations of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman to exist in English, the one known as the The Gutman has been most elusive in its history.

It's alleged existence was first brought to light in the late 1990s and early 2000s by an Australian anime and media historian named Kelly Patrick Lannan, although in his summary of the dub, he himself had no clue of its origins. Its exact production date is unknown, with Lannan figuring that it had to have been produced through 1979-1986.

The most common theory for The Gutman's existence, however, is that it was an early English-language test dub that was directly commissioned by Tatsunoko themselves, before the sale to Sandy Frank and the development of Battle of the Planets. But due to the lack of expressed information and the questions of how this information came, there has been a question over the authenticity of these claims and of the adaptation itself.

Lannan's "Gatchaman Archives" were considered a wealth of information on international adaptations of the series, and he provided tape and audio-trading services with other fans. However, unfortunately, after an issue where another fan stole the site's name and layout, Lannan shut down the site in 2005 over legal concerns and receded from the Gatchaman fanbase. If he personally had any footage of this dub, it is unlikely it may be released.

At least 39 episodes of the series were stated to be dubbed or were at least uncovered to make it onto the list, although further information was not supplied.