Beck's K Records Session (partially found unreleased records; 1994)

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Beck's 2nd K Records Session.jpg

Image of Beck's notebook containing listings for various songs.

Status: Partially Found

In 1994, musician Beck released his album One Foot In The Grave with the record company K Records to critical acclaim. He announced in an email to those who pre-ordered the album that "more was to come" and that he "recorded two sessions with K Records". Despite the patience of many fans, no record ever surfaced. Along with the email was an attachment, a song called "Somewhere Far Along" that came from these sessions as well.

In 2005, Beck "leaked" a lot of previously unreleased material. Among the unreleased material was a song called "The Way It Seems". Beck said that the track came from the second K Records recording session. According to rumor, the working title "A Tombstone Every Mile" was patented by Beck for a record belonging to K Records. The patent also included a track listing, which is this (links to songs will be provided when available):

Interestingly, the song "Cold Brains" would go on to be featured, albeit in a probably re-recorded state, on Beck's 1998 album Mutations. Recently, a photograph of Beck's notebook was put online by a fan. Among other information, it gives the track listing as well as many of the tracks. Nowhere in the notebook does it say the album was called A Tombstone Every Mile, however it is labeled the Dub Narcotic sessions.

Unreleased Records

# Record Title
1 Cold Brains
2 Buried Alive
3 Somewhere Far Along
4 The Way it Seems
5 Broken Engine
6 Obsolete Will be Back
7 Smashing Scars
8 '94 Instrumental


"Cold Brains"

"Buried Alive"

"The Way It Seems"