Bis from Data Panik (lost tracks; 1994-2014)

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The three main people in Bis: Steven, John, and Amanda.

Status: Lost

Bis is a Scottish indie-pop trio who formed in 1994. They're most notable for supposedly being the first unsigned band to play on Top Of The Pops with the song Kandy Pop (although the "fact" that they were unsigned at the time isn't true, the misconception is still passed around), and for performing the ending theme for The Powerpuff Girls.

The band went on a hiatus in 2003, and then in 2005, reformed as Data Panik. They recorded an album's worth of songs during this time and made several of them available via vinyl or website downloads, but after they decided that no one would take them seriously as a post-Bis band, the album was cancelled.

Someone managed to obtain the tracks recorded during this time and post them on YouTube at one point, but after the band, now reformed as Bis once more, announced in 2013 that they planned on releasing their Data Panik era tracks officially, the videos were taken down. Most of the songs were released on the 2014 album "Data Panik Etcetera", but some songs are still missing.

Do The Static (a live version was released on the single "Mechanical Love", and Bis member Manda Rin also recorded this for her solo album "My DNA"; there are also dead links on Google for a version of the song titled "Do The Static (Xfm Session)". It is uncertain if this version is live or studio, but given that the title of the released version is "Do The Static (Live At Seven-A)", the two tracks are likely different.)

Figure It Out (only mentioned in early articles about Data Panik, back when they still planned on releasing an album under that name. Uncertain whether this was present on the old YouTube account; may not have been recorded.)

I Love To Love You (a song called "Love 2 Love U" is present on the 2014 printing of the Bis album "Return To Central", and a different recording of the same song under the title "Love To Hate You" is present on Manda Rin's solo album; it is unknown if the YouTube video labeled as Data Panik was identical to either of these versions, or a different recording entirely.)

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