Black Pudding (lost pornographic animated short film; 1969)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.

Nancyedell photo.png

Photograph of Nancy Edell with some artwork.

Status: Lost

During the late 1960s until the early 1970s, a flurry of adult-oriented animation hit the world. Films like Ralph Bakshi's Fritz the Cat and Heavy Traffic became box-office smashes. However, some animators took it one step further and produced animated pornography, which have gathered cult followings in recent years.

However, one of these films created by animator Nancy Edell, Black Pudding, is lost. Released in 1969, it is said to be a seven-minute animated short with sexual imagery and representations of household items, but little else is known.


The BFI entry reveals that the film originated in Britain and involved the "[a]nimated life-cycle of grotesque figures stressing the physical basis of life" as well as "a group of surreal beings take a startling journey through the inner recesses of an enormous nude female". The page also reveals the crew members who worked on the film.[1]

The Canadian film magazine "Cinema Canada" did an interview with Edell in its February 1976 edition. In the interview, she talks about the film's apparent success at film festivals and her inspiration from the pudding itself.[2]