Bottom Live – The Stage Show (lost cut content from popular stage tour; 1993)

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DVD cover.

Status: Lost

Bottom Live - The Stage Show was the first out of many successful stage tours based on the hit TV show, Bottom. This was a recorded live performance starring the show's creators and leads Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson.[1]

While most of the show has been released on DVD or aired on TV, several scenes from different performances have not been released and aren't viewable in any form at the moment. One cut scene involved Richie hiding his blow doll (which he called "Monica") from Eddie by hiding it under a sofa cushion right when Eddie walked into the room, to which Richie then sat on said cushion, only to have Monica's leg pop right out of it. For some reason, this scene was left out when put on DVD or TV.

Other lost scenes of note include at least one slightly different performance of the scene where Richie and Eddie ad-lib and corpse constantly, where the location they mentioned Eddie was born in, based on where they were touring for the show, was changed to accommodate where they were touring for that specific performance at that point in time, such as their Stoke tour.


The portion of the live show where the lost scene supposedly takes place.

An example of when Eddie's birthplace would be changed to where the tour was.


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