Bucky and Pepito (partially found animated series; 1959-1960)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its racist stereotypes in visuals.

Bucky pepito.jpg

Opening title card.

Status: Partially Found

Bucky and Pepito is an animated TV series from 1959. It is best known among cartoon historians as being among the worst animated shows of all time for its poor animation and racist stereotyping, as Pepito (voiced by a white actor) was considered an offensive portrayal of Mexicans.[1] The series was generally syndicated to local television stations to be played alongside other shorts during blocks in early children’s programming.

The series was not well preserved, and only a handful of the original episodes are available for purchase or online. The cartoons available online include “The Coyote Catcher”, “The Vexin’ Texan”, and “The Lone Pine Tree.” The latter two episodes are available on a DVD called “The Worst Cartoons Ever!”[2]

A couple of sources provide episode guides[3] for the series, and most of the episodes are not available to stream online or purchase. Whether the episodes have survived since their production or whether this list is complete is unknown.


NOTE: The episode order is currently unknown. so episodes are in a random order There are 52 episodes in the list[4]

Episode Title Episode Status
Cal's Mis' Steak Lost
The Coyote Catcher Found
Crazy Car Capers Partially Found (Silent, B&W Only)
Dog Catcher Daze Lost
Cal Coyote Flies Again Lost
Flippin' Over Flapjacks Lost
Flyin' High Lost
Hi-Flyin' Goat Lost
Hot Diggity Dog Lost
The Howlin' Coyote Partially Lost (No Sound)
Hunters Dilemma Lost
Jumpin' Frijoles Lost
A Kingfishy Tale Lost
The Magic Penny Lost
Mambo Rhythm Lost
No Luck Duck Lost
Cat Nappin Around Lost
Dinosaur Daze Lost
Out Of This World Partially Found (Silent, B&W Only)
Pony Pal Partially Found (Silent, B&W Only)
The Fastest Bird Alive Lost
The Sheepish Coyote Lost
Them's May Boys Lost
Unlucky Horseshoes Lost
Fresh Fish Lost
The Lion Tamer Found
The Pancake Taking Cure Lost
Pet Duck Lost
Rustlin' Coyote Lost
Sailor's Story Lost
Stooges Lost
Texas Jack And The Bean Patch Lost
Time Machine Partially Found (French)
The Vexin' Texan Found
Watch Dog For Hire Lost
The Wandering Elephant Found (Silent)
The Lone Pine Tree Found
Crazy Over Pancakes Partially Lost (No Sound)
Magic Clock Lost
Hot Lemonade Lost
Hot Chicken Lost
The Ol' Cannon Lost
Skin Diving Found (B&W Only)
Bone Meets Bonehead Partially Found (Silent, B&W Only)
The Art of Judo Lost
Sleepy Time Pal Found (Silent)
Partially Lost (Silent, B&W Only)


The Coyote Catcher.

"The Vexin' Texan"

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