Bunyip (partially found Australian animated TV series; 1987-1990)

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A screenshot of the intro sequence, albeit in poor quality.

Status: Partially Found

Bunyip is a 1987 Australian animated series created by Anne Jollifee. The series originally aired in Australia on ABC TV from 1987 to presumably 1990 and was later distributed in the UK, where it aired on BBC1 from November 1988 to October 1993. This factor makes it one of the longer-lasting cartoons on that channel until being replaced with something else. Each episode was 5 minutes in length, a quarter of the usual time a cartoon would go for at the time, and the animation was done in-house, presumably by Anne Jollifee herself, instead of being outsourced to another animation studio.


The bunyip was a small yellow creature with 2 legs, 2 arms, and a long neck, which was contrary to the reported "actual" look of the creature. She would usually be seen sitting around, relaxing on a leaf in the river. However, though, another Australian animal would show up, being heard by the bunyip. She then engages with the other animal and attempts to solve a problem both of them are having.[1]

Known Episodes

Due to the lack of information on the show's episodes, this list may be incomplete, or the episode may be out of order.

Episode Title Status
Bunyip and the Dingo Found
Bunyip and the Bight Found
Bunyip and the Platypus Found
Bunyip and the Kookaburra Found
Bunyip and the Bandicoot Found
Bunyip and the Wood Nymph Found
Bunyip and the Wombat Found
Bunyip and the Possum Found
Bunyip and the Lyrebird Found
Bunyip and the Boomeroo Found
Bunyip's Birthday Partially found


Only one home video release of this cartoon is known to exist, a VHS tape released in Australia in 1991 by ABC Video, which featured 10 episodes. The opening to the tape has been uploaded online, but not the full tape itself. However, a home recording of the episode "Bunyip and the Boomeroo" was uploaded to YouTube on March 22nd, 2019, by Showsni.


The opening to the 1991 VHS.

The episode, "Bunyip And the Boomeroo."