Busting Loose (partially found CBS sitcom; 1977)

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Title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Busting Loose was a short-lived sitcom that aired from January 17th to November 16th, 1977[1] across two seasons on CBS. Due to the series' short lifespan and general unpopularity, some of its episodes have been lost.


A 24-year-old Jewish-American man named Lenny Markowitz has just graduated from engineering school. He quietly moves out of his overprotective and meddling parents' home. He moves into an old apartment building in New York City. His neighbour is Melody Feeback, an older, beautiful female redhead who has a job as a female escort.

Lenny gets a job at a shoe store, as he has too little money even to be able to replace a duck-themed wallpaper in his room. His co-worker is named Raymond St. Williams, and he is described as a "hip" and young African-American. Allan Simmonds, Lester Ballman, Vida Mordabito and Woody Warshaw give him visits on a certain basis; they usually play poker.[1]

One episode, "Mr. Dennis Steps Out," where Melody is worried that her boss (played by Ted Night) will fire her, served as the pilot for Ted Knight's own (even more short-lived than Busting Loose) eponymous sitcom that aired in early 1978.[2]


Busting Loose aired its first episode on January 17th, 1977 and ended its first season on May 2nd, 1977. Its second season premiered on September 28th, 1977 and the series ended on November 16th, 1977, with four episodes left unaired.[1]

Only eight episodes of the series can be found online, all being the first eight from the first season. The remainder of the first season cannot be found, and the second season, including the unaired episodes, is completely lost. Promos for the series can be found, however.

Episode List

Season 1

# Episode Name Plot Status
1 Pilot Lenny Markowitz secretly moves out of his apartment searching for independence, with his father Sam trying to convince him to return.[3] Found
2 Five's A Crowd Lenny has a crush on a girl. However, this woman has some paranoia about males. Found
3 The Harder They Come, The Bigger They Fall Lenny is challenged to a fight by a bully deliveryman. Found
4 Still Nutsy After All These Years Lenny's ex-girlfriend tries to get back together with him. Found
5 Grandpa Markowitz Lenny's grandfather comes to visit him. However, he hates all his relatives and plans to die at his 85th birthday party. Found
6 Hell Hath No Fury Lenny does not want to live with a woman named Helene, so she ends up landing him in prison based on unfair charges. Found
7 Love's Labor Lost Lenny falls in love with another woman, but this woman's father does not approve of him. Found
8 Kiss and Dwell Lenny's friends convince him to ask Melody Feeback out. Found
9 A Nut at the Opera Lenny and a friend, working as escorts, take two wealthy people to an opera theatre. Lost
10 House of Noodles Mr. Cabell, the manager of the shoe store Lenny works at, does not want to give Raymond St. William a raise. Lost
11 Together Again as Never Before Sam Markowitz, suffering from loneliness as Pearl Markowitz is away, makes himself look like a complete fool trying to befriend Lenny. Lost
12 The Famous Announcers School Lenny, wanting to follow his dreams in becoming a sportscaster, enrolls himself in a fly-by-night broadcasting school that is run by a shady DJ. Lost
13 Singles Weekend Lenny and his friends go on a vacation to a resort, looking for some good sun, fun and women. Lost

Season 2

# Episode Name Plot Status
1 Smoke Gets in Your Face Lenny's apartment gets damaged in a fire, and he sets the blame on his friends. Lost
2 Foiled Again Vinnie Mordabito has fallen in love with a woman. However, his romantic plans are foiled (hence the episode's title) thanks to the woman having romantic interest in Lenny instead. Lost
3 Roomies Vinnie Mordabito and Raymond St. Williams find themselves living in the same apartment room. Lost
4 A Knight in Tarnished Armor Lenny tries to woo Jackie Gleason (unrelated to the male television star in real life), even though he is a weak man. Lost
5 Mr. Dennis Steps Out Melody worries that she is going to be let go from the escort service. Lost
6 The Decision: Part 1 Lenny is shocked and angry to discover that Jackie Gleason has been hanging out with another man. Lost
7 The Decision: Part 2 Lenny finds difficulty in deciding on two options: trying to chase women, or "settling down" and living his life. Lost
8 All in Love's Unfair Vinnie is set up (by Lenny) with a girl he once dated, who is still nice to him. Lost
9 Welcome to Fleckman's The plot for this episode has not been revealed, as it is unaired. Unaired
10 Mordabito's Ragtime Band The plot for this episode has not been revealed as it is unaired as well, but it can be safely assumed that the plot is about Vinnie founding a ragtime band. Unaired
11 Camp Sha-Man-Ga The plot for this episode has not been revealed, as it is unaired. Unaired
12 Scenes From an Engagement The plot for this episode has not been revealed, as it is unaired. Unaired


A promo for the series.

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