City of Heroes 2 (lost unreleased MMO video game; 2010s)

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Status: Lost

City of Heroes 2 was a game being developed by Paragon Studios with the intention of being published by NCSoft, as the true successor to the 2004-2012 game City of Heroes. It's unknown what the game would've entailed, but it's likely that it would be a major leap from the original as a 2010s game, similar to how fellow NCSoft game Guild Wars II had advanced from the original Guild Wars.


City of Heroes was shut down by NCSoft on November 30th, 2012, and with that, Paragon Studios was closed down. The general public had been unaware that City of Heroes 2 was ever planned for nearly six years, until August 2018 when former dev C.W. Bennett, better known online as pohsyb, clarified this on Reddit in response to a now disproven rumor that Paragon was shut down because they misused the money that NCSoft supplied to them.[1]

He stated that City of Heroes 2 was pitched to NCSoft at some point before the closure, but they weren't interested. NCSoft (which is based in South Korea) wanted something with a far bigger grind akin to Lineage, and Paragon was unable to explain that this wouldn't fly in the US.

Furthermore, Paragon had been developing two other games according to pohsyb, one being a different superhero game set in the future (perhaps a City of Heroes spin-off) and a survival-based game, both of which were cancelled alongside Paragon.

Leaked Pitch

On April 18th, 2019, a leaked Power Point presentation had surfaced on the internet. It was of a November 2008 pitch for City of Heroes 2, set for a 2012 release (ironically, the year City of Heroes ended up getting closed down). The document was on Reddit for two days, before it got removed by NCSoft's legal department.[2]

The proposal for City of Heroes 2 would've included the following:

  • a robust and unique character generation tool that would include Character Creator 2.0
  • unique playstyle with "completely customizable powers"
  • offline player progression and Web 2.0 integration
  • Reactive Heroes & Proactive Villains
  • an Archnemesis system
  • a Mission Architect 2.0 to allow players to create their own unique stories and missions
  • console accessibility
  • improvements on enemy and group AI
  • destructible environments
  • robust end-game
  • PvP
  • player-generated "epic battles"
  • "Affect the world, leave your mark"

Aspects such as projected budget and lifetime revenue were left intentionally blank, and there was a link to a concept video that is unable to be viewed.

Because of NCSoft's notorious mistreatment of City of Heroes, having shut the game down because it wasn't popular in Asia, and their refusal to sell the IP out of pride, it's unlikely that City of Heroes 2 or anything related to the series will ever be made.

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