City of Heroes: The Rikti War (lost unreleased tie-in novel to massively multiplayer online game; 2006)

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The Rikti War advertised as an upcoming novel in the City of Heroes book series.

Status: Lost

City of Heroes: The Rikti War is an unreleased novel and licensed tie-in to the superhero MMO video game City of Heroes (2004-2012). It was to be written by Paul S. Kemp and published by CDS Books (an imprint of Perseus Book Group) on August 2006. The Rikti War would've been the third in a series of books, with the prior novels being Web of Arachnos (October 2005) and The Freedom Phalanx (April 2006).

The Rikti War would've served as a prequel to the events of the game, detailing what had transpired in the epic transdimensional war between Earth and the Rikti homeworld that occurs just before the game's start.


On the now defunct message boards, Kemp stated "the novel is not to be and [he] must leave it at that.", and later Sean Michael Fish (developer of City of Heroes) stated that CDS would no longer be publishing books pertaining to the series, leaving The Rikti War unreleased. No solid details were ever given, but it appeared that some kind of falling out happened between the two parties, perhaps over payment.

To date, nothing from The Rikti War was ever produced. No samples from the manuscript, cover art, or further plot details were shown to the public.

Six years later, on November 30th, 2012, City of Heroes was shut down permanently by parent company NCSoft, with all related projects being shelved, ending whatever possibility the book had of a release.

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