Close Up North "Nicola's Bullet" (lost episode of BBC2 documentary series; 1994)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

Picture of Nicola.jpg

Photo of Nicola Lumsden.

Status: Lost

Nicola Lumsden was a teenager who was shot in the head by a bouncer called Mark Steele in September of 1993 in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. The incident took place when Nicola, celebrating her 19th birthday at a pub called The Redskins was shot in the head by Mark Steele when he was arguing with another person outside the pub and fired a warning shot that accidentally hit Nicola.

After the shooting, Nicola was put on life support and her family was told that she might not survive the night. Fortunately, she managed to pull through and slowly managed to make somewhat of a recovery, although the bullet was still lodged inside of her skull as removing it would be too risky. On February 21st, 1994, Mark Steele was sentenced to eight years for the shooting and is now a popular conspiracy theorist who mainly focuses on the anti-5G movement. In the Facebook group, Stop5GUK where Mark was a member; any post that mentioned the shooting was immediately deleted.[1][2]


The BBC2 documentary series Close Up North which explored stories in the North-East of England, dedicated an episode about the incident with it being called "Nicola’s Bullet." The episode aired on October 13th, 1994 on BBC2.[3]