Coast BMX Full Grind (lost online game; 2003)

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Status: Lost

Coast BMX Full Grind was a 2003 online game developed by WildTangent and GSD&M for Dial Corporation. It was based on the Activision game Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX, and it appeared on Coast Soap's website. As the appeal of BMX dwindled in the mainstream, the game was taken offline around 2005. As of now, there is no archived version of the game.


During gameplay, when you do tricks soap bubbles appear. The summary of how to play that game is to collect the Coast bars and your tricks get easier to perform and collect all five and you can ride outside, too. You can select "Single Session" (with a timed session for points) or "Free Ride" (without a time limit) from the main menu and choose a player by select Neak or Barton, each has a special set of skills.


The original disc was distributed as part of a promotion. Unfortunately, the game was eventually discontinued. Dave Evans who formerly worked at GSD&M and one of the game's developers, has been contacted, and he said that he has a CD of the game. But as of now, he has not found the CD yet and he's still looking for the disc. Mr. Evans was the project lead for that game and was responsible for the development of Dial's Coast BMX Full Grind advergame and website relaunch, a highly successful campaign targeting young, active Millennials that revitalized the Coast brand.

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