Code Monkeys (partially found unaired pilot of G4 animated TV series; 2006-2007)

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Code monkeys logo.png

The show's title card.

Status: Partially Found

Code Monkeys is an American animated television show created for the short-lived G4 network (with re-runs in G4 Canada) running from 2007 to 2008. It was created by actor Adam de la Peña and follows the daily life of a 1980s video game company GameaVision, and the usually absurd scenarios the company is put into. Adam de la Pea started writing the script for Code Monkeys while working on the pilot for Minoriteam and soon produced a 7-minute test episode, which to this day has not been seen in its entirety.


On April 6th, @codemonkeysOoC on Twitter tweeted [1]

"Let's solve another mystery! What episode is this?"

With an attached image of a commonly used promo image for code monkeys (DVDs, Wikipedia, etc.) showing Dave on a bike, about to do something on a ramp while his co-workers watch.[2] Andy Sipes, one of the people working on Code Monkeys replied telling him

"This was an image we made for the original press release. It never appears in any episode. All the graffiti on the ramp is the last name or initials of every person that worked on the pilot episode."

Matt Mariska, another person who worked on Code Monkeys, replied with a video of the scene in action with voice acting and animation "Yeah, it never appears in any episode... or does it??". Andy Sipes replied back stating "Well... not in an episode that made it on to the TV." and posted another tweet showing that he did in fact own the full 7 minute un-aired pilot. When asked if they would released the full thing, he would go on to follow it with ""I’ll never tell... But maybe we’ll put together a screening someday, Maybe do it on Zoom or Twitch or something. Hmm." It's currently unknown if, when, or where this pilot will be shown.


Clip from the pilot.

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