Hurl! (partially found G4 game show; 2008)

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The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Hurl! is a partially found game show that aired on G4 (a technology and gaming television channel), from July 16th, 2008, to September 19th, 2008, at 9 pm ET airing usually on Sunday besides the first episode that aired on a Tuesday. During the show's life, 11 episodes were produced with each episode lasting 20 minutes apiece.

The concept of Hurl! was to compete in an eating competition eating oversized portions of food in a short amount of time, then having to ride carnival rides such as a tilt-a-whirl, or a roller coaster without puking, all to win $1000. Contestants use tactics such as fake puking to make their opponent puke. And belches to help then not puke.


G4, during this time, was transitioning less from gaming and more into general content, along with its technology and gaming content. This game show was the 2nd game show airing on G4 at the time, along with Ninja Warrior, which was a subtitled version of Sasuke. Many News outlets such as Ryan Berenz from Channel Guide magazine reviewed all of the episodes when they were released; this being the only way of knowing what the episodes were about and who competed in the episodes. The show itself is censored with animated buckets covering up the puke, but uncensored versions were aired later than the first airings. In a quote from The Washington Post, they said [1]

Hurl!, in other words, is for people who found Fear Factor much too nuanced and intellectually complex."


Out of the eleven episodes, two full episodes and a partially complete episode have been found. One (Hurlpool) is available and was uploaded on to YouTube in 2017. In 2021, a second full episode (NASA Nausea) and a partial snippet of a second (Balls of Hurl) were found. NASA Nausea can be found on the Internet Archive, while the first 5 minutes of Balls of Hurt is in an unlisted Youtube video.

The only other clips available are promos, behind the scenes footage, and a clip of failures.


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 Balls of Hurl July 15th, 2008 Partially Found
2 Flamethrowupper July 20th, 2008 Lost
3 NASA NAuSeA July 27th, 2008 Found
4 Octopuke Aug 3rd, 2008 Lost
5 Ring of Hurl Aug 10th, 2008 Lost
6 Merry-Go-Retch Aug 21, 2008 Lost
7 Dog And Pony Show Aug 24th, 2008 Lost
8 That's Bull Sept 1st, 2008 Lost
9 Hurlpool Sept 7th, 2008 Found
10 Tempest in a Teacup Sept 14th, 2008 Lost
11 Sumo Arigato Sept 14th, 2008 Lost


Commercial for the show.

Behind The Scenes promo for the show from "Attack Of The Show."

Clips from the show showing contestants failing and puking.

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