Conversations with Vincent (lost Tim Burton documentary film; 1994)

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A young Tim Burton alongside idol, Vincent Price.

Status: Lost

Conversations with Vincent was the working title of an incomplete, indefinitely shelved documentary by Tim Burton about Vincent Price. In 1990, during the filming of Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton asked actor Vincent Price, one of his childhood idols and frequent collaborators, if he would be interested in working on an independent documentary about his life. Price agreed, and the self-financed black-and-white documentary was shot over 3 days in April 1990 at the Vincent Price Gallery in East Los Angeles College.

Production on the documentary halted in 1992 when Burton began working on Batman Returns, and was pushed back even further following Price's death in 1993. Burton announced in December 1994 that he had returned to producing the documentary under the new title A Visit with Vincent, quoted as having a run time of one hour. In the end, however, the project was indefinitely shelved and was never completed. Some believe that Burton decided that the project was too personal for him to ever release, and as such, it remains unseen to this day.[1]