The Island of Doctor Agor (lost Tim Burton animated film; 1971)

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A still from the 1979 sequel "Stalk of the Celery Monster".

Status: Lost

The Island of Doctor Agor is a 1971 American short animated film written, directed by, and voiced by Tim Burton at the age of 13.[1] The short is one of Burton's first animated films, and was adapted by Burton from the H. G. Wells story The Island of Doctor Moreau.

Though some hesitated to believe the film existed, Burton confirms its existence in the 2006 book Burton on Burton when he recounts his early days of filmmaking using a Super 8 camera.

Tim Burton Created a sequel 8 years later in 1979 entitled Stalk of the Celery Monster, which followed a mad dentist named Dr. Maxwell Payne and his strange experiments.

While footage from Stalk of the Celery Monster has resurfaced, no footage from The Island of Doctor Agor has been found.

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