Crash B-Daman (lost English dub of anime series; 2008)

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Crash b-daman key.jpg

Key art.

Status: Lost

Crash B-Daman, officially referred to as Bakukyu Hit! Crash B-Daman is the fourth anime series based on Takara's B-Daman line of toys. Produced by Nippon Animation, it ran for 50 episodes between January and December 2006 on TV Tokyo in Japan. The series was a commercial failure in its native country, leading the B-Daman franchise to a hiatus that wouldn't end until 2011's introduction of B-Daman Crossfire.

Unlike the prior series, Battle B-Daman and its followup season, Hasbro took no interest in releasing the show internationally. However, an English dub was produced for the South East Asian market by Voiceovers Unlimited in Singapore on behalf of Odex.[1][2] It aired on Cartoon Network Philippines in 2008 and OKTO in Singapore sometime after.[3][4] The dub is known to feature Chio Su-Ping, Denise Tan, Dwayne Tan, George Cahill III, Hillary Blazer and Paul Pistore.[2][5][6][1]

No official home video releases of the dub are known to exist, nor have any clips or full-length episodes surfaced online.

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  • Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits - The second season of Battle B-Daman saw an English dub released exclusively in Canada and South East Asia. The entire series has resurfaced online now.

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