Crazy Frog (lost planned film and series of shorts based on ringtone character; 2007-2008)

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Crazyfrogfromannoyingthing 1000x1000.png

Frame of Crazy Frog in his original 2003 short animation by Erik Wernquist.

Status: Lost

The Crazy Frog Movie was a planned film based on the infamous ringtone character Crazy Frog, also known as The Annoying Thing. It was to be released in late 2008 but was dropped sometime in 2007 or 2008. Alongside the film's production, 52 one-minute shorts were planned to be released via the internet and television to promote the film. The animation might have been done by Swedish animation company Kaktus Film, who also animated the Crazy Frog music videos from May 17th, 2005 to August 25th, 2009.

The only evidence of its existence is a small paragraph from the article "Cartoon Movie 2007: Sneak Peeks European Animated Features" published by Bob Swain on March 14th, 2007.[1] It was also mentioned in a 2005 Adland article.[2] It was mentioned various times on forums through 2005-2007, Implying that The Movie may have been hinted at before March 2007, It avoid a bunch of random threads being spammed her, A ZIP file with links and A txt file has been made for each forum page found.[3] It was again mentioned on a personal blog named "The Knight Shift" where the writer Chris Knight, goes on a rant about how Crazy Frog could become a huge thing in the Untied States similar to how it was very popular in Britain and Europe, and how there will be a Crazy Frog movie, Among other things.[4] Though it is possible he could've been saying "There will end up being a Crazy Frog movie" rather then "There will be a Crazy Frog movie". The blog is still currently active as of March 2020. On April 23, 2020, the official Crazy Frog twitter was asked what happened to the Crazy Frog film, simply responding "It got canceled".[5]

There is no known information on the plot or who the cast is, and no concept art is known to exist.