Curry's "The Simpsons" Sky One Sponsorships (partially found British TV adverts; 2009-2010)

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A still from one of the adverts.

Status: Partially Found

From 2009 to 2010, UK-based electronics retailer Curry's had a series of sponsorships during advert breaks of The Simpsons on Sky One. These adverts would usually show someone attempting to recycle, or fix their electronics until something humorous would happen, such as one involving a woman attempting to put her fridge in her car boot, leading to the window of that boot being smashed when closing and another involving a man's TV falling off while watching a wildlife program.

Even though most of the adverts can be seen in this video, the rest of them are yet to be discovered. Known "lost" adverts include:

  • Two boys shooting toy guns at a news reporter on TV, causing that to fall and break.
  • One involving a woman falling into a skip while recycling her electronics.
  • Another featuring a husband cramming as many devices in his car, trapping his wife inside.
  • A Christmas themed advert, involving a power outage.
  • A man attempting to install an electrical device with a drill, ending up drilling through the next room, much to a woman's dismay.
  • A woman waiting for a delivery, dances but eventually trips over, knocking the Christmas tree over.
  • A man attempting to install a washing machine, only to cause a leak that he tries in vain to fix.
  • A man accidentally dropping his new TV, finding out he broke it, much to his disgust.
  • A man attempting to install a new TV, only to trip over and break it.
  • A man, bored of waiting in, attempts to ski down a flight of stairs.
  • Two men working at Curry's, successfully installing a plasma TV.

It is unknown when or if they are going to be discovered.


Some videos detailing Curry's advertisements of The Simpsons on Sky One have been found, including the one involving a woman falling into a skip whilst recycling electronics. Another advertisement can also be found on TellyAds.