The Simpsons Movie (partially found alternate versions and deleted scenes of animated comedy film; 2007)

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Theatrical poster.

Status: Partially Found

The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 American animated comedy film based on the long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons. The film went through many revisions, even while the film was being animated.

Much of the official DVD's commentary[1] is dedicated to talking about all the different versions of the movie that exists. For example, in one version, Lisa's love interest is Milhouse, and in another, Marge is the one who's spoken to by God and not Grandpa (This is where the "here's the money shot" bit in the trailer comes from).

In his 2018 biography revolving around his time working on The Simpsons and his career, Springfield Confidential: Jokes, Secrets, and Outright Lies from a Lifetime Writing for The Simpsons writer Mark Reiss notes that aliens Kang and Kodos had a small role during the end credits of the test screenings of the film.[2] According to Reiss, the aliens debated the quality of the film at the bottom of the credits. Dialog Reiss cites from the cut scene is very short. In it, Kang and Kodos discuss the pig character, with Kang saying, "at least the pig was cute," prompting Kodos to shoot back with "Yeah, until he vanished halfway through the picture!" He explains that test audiences hated it, so the whole scene was cut. To date, it has never been released.

Many of the changes were hinted at in the marketing. The tie-in toys at Burger King were supposed to play lines from the movie, but most of the toys play lines from deleted scenes. There is also a TV Guide article detailing some of the cut scenes.[3] Supposedly, there exists an hour and a half of fully animated cut content, and another hour and a half of content that didn't make it past the animatic stage. One such scene mentioned in the film's DVD audio commentary mentions a scene featuring Marge enquiring where Homer had put Ploppers 'leavings'. Originally, the scene was extended further with Homer not understanding what Marge was referring to which leads to Marge using various euphemisms for feces. Eventually, after various attempts and Homer not understanding, Marge gives up and blatantly asks where he puts the 'pigs shit'. This means there are three hours of deleted content or enough for another two movies.


Since the film's release, just under five minutes of cut content was released officially as bonus features on the DVD. However, more deleted scenes have cropped over online the years.

  • On July 24th, 2022, YouTube Channel Rare tendo found two deleted scenes on the Vimeo reels of animators Todd Jacobsen and Derek Thompson. One is of Sideshow Mel during the skateboarding scene (who was later replaced with Agnes Skinner), and the other of an unknown female character.
  • On May 22nd, 2023, YouTube channel The Jake Archive uploaded a few previously unseen clips given by an anonymous source that were either later reanimated or cut entirely.


Deleted Scenes

A compilation of deleted scenes from the DVD bonus features.

Two deleted scenes found on Todd Jacobsen and Derek Thompson's Vimeo reels.

Animatic of a cut musical number.

Animatic of an earlier version of the angry mob scene shown at Comic Con 2006.

Two alternate endings to the angry mob scene, one featuring Sideshow Bob.

Transitional gag from Alaska to Springfield, both created and cut very late into production.

Logo animation with the mutant squirrel and raccoon seen in the movie.

Alternate Animation

Marge entering the car with the wedding tape, showing a more disgruntled expression.

The "let's all go to the lobby" scene with duller colors and the hot dog dropping dead.


An ad for the Kids' Meal tie-in toys.


Seeker of The Lost's video on the subject.

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