Daft Punk Rollin' & Scratchin' Live Que Club Birmingham (partially found footage of Daft Punk performance; 1997)

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Daft Punk performing Rollin' n Scratchin' in Que Club Birmingham. Image from @jezc on Twitter.

Status: Partially Found

Daft Punk were a French electronic music duo formed in 1993 by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, disbanded in 2021. They were known for their robot personas, as well as having several successful tracks over their career. They performed numerous live concerts, two of which they officially released as Alive 1997 (2001) and Alive 2007 (2007).


In 1997, the duo initiated their second live tour, named 'Daftendirektour', and for this tour, they used their home studio equipment to perform live PA sets. This tour lasted from sometime in the third quarter, to the end of December. On November 8th, 1997, Daft Punk played live for the Que Club in Birmingham, of which a 45-minute audio-only excerpt was officially released in 2001, but video footage was never officially released.

The former head of ArKaos France Philippe Martin uploaded a 25-second excerpt of video footage of the Que Club performance, showing various angles of the Arkaos VJ system used for the Daftendirektour. Most shots contain visuals for tracks that aren't heard in Alive 1997, including Burnin', Fresh, and Around the World.


Another piece of footage is known to have existed as a RealMedia file between 1998 and 2005 which supposedly contains footage of the Que Club performance during Rollin' n Scratchin'. This footage was available to watch on a website called Labels.tm.fr (website currently down), which had various downloads related to Daft Punk. This video was only available to watch using Adobe Flash Player, but using the developers tool (F12) identifies a link that downloads a .ram file called "daft-rollin-live-01.ram". That file redirects to another link which downloads a .smil file, and that redirects to 2 links to download 2 .rm files, daft-rollin-live-01-high.rm and daft-rollin-live-01-low.rm. These links are currently inaccessible, and the files don't have any currently known backup.




Daft Punk ArKaos France video.

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