David Parker Ray (found audio tape of American suspected serial killer; 1993)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to the subject matter of sexual violence, murder and rape.
David Parker Ray.jpg

Ray in custody.

Status: Found

Date found: 21 Oct 2022

Found by: Joseph Pasteris (a.k.a. Tom_Servo)

David Parker Ray, better known as the Toy Box Killer, was an American rapist, torturer and suspected serial killer based out of New Mexico, who is suspected of having murdered up to 60 victims[1] despite never being convicted for murder in his lifetime, during a crime spree that lasted between 1957 and 1999.[2]

He would carry out his crimes by abducting women (usually sex workers) and then placing them in a soundproofed semi-trailer outside of his Elephant Butte home. He would later use the trailer (what he dubbed his 'Toy Box') to sexually assault, rape and torture his victims, sometimes getting family members and his dogs involved. He would also allegedly murder them, albeit no body remains have been found to date, leading many internet sleuths to conduct their own investigations on the matter.[3] His crime spree would come to an end in March 1999, when he was arrested following one of his victims Cynthia Nixon escaping his trailer and reporting such matters to the police following her being hospitalised.[4]

One aspect of this torture would consist of Ray playing an audio tape to his victims in his trailer that detailed what he planned to do with them in graphic detail. While the specific audio tape had been unreleased for decades, other elements of it (most notably the transcript) have surfaced in the years since.

Content of the Tape

The tape itself, dated July 23rd, 1993, detailed what he was planning on doing to the victim in question, calling it a 'general advisory tape for future female captives', promising to 'upgrade' the tape if needs be.

On the tape, he notes how he and his 'lady friend' (presumably his then-girlfriend Cynthia Hendy, who was also convicted alongside Ray) had kept sex slaves for 'years' and details the numerous methods to capture people who he compared to 'piece[s] of meat' who he had no sympathy for. He then warns that he planned to keep the victim for several days during his torture and sexual assault. He concludes the tape by giving said victim 'advice': to not scream, talk without permission and be obedient, among other things.

In the tape also, there are hints to him having killed others in the past. Most notably, he admitted that he didn't like killing unless it was 'absolutely necessary' and that 'occasionally things happen'. He also threatens to dump the victim in question in a 'canyon somewhere, to rot',[5] which supports theories that he used his various jobs in the Elephant Butte and the nearby Truth and Consequences areas to hide the bodies of his victims, hence why they've never been found.[6]

Availability and trial aftermath

The tape itself was believed to have never fully seen the light of day (with the original one not being released to the public); a purported transcript of its contents has since been released and is widely available.[7]

However, on October 6th, 2022, LMW user Tom_Servo (known as Joseph Pasteris) sent a New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act request to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety for a digitized copy of the tape. Fifteen days later, Pasteris received an MP3 file of the five-minute recording as a full release. He has since released it to the Internet Archive and YouTube.

Ray was convicted for the abduction and sexual torture in the cases of Kelli Garrett and the aforementioned Vigil, receiving a sentence of 224 years in prison in 2001 following a plea bargain in the latter's trial. Several of his accomplices, including Hendy and his daughter Glenda, were also sentenced for their involvement.[8] Ray died in May 2002 before he was set to be integrated by New Mexico state police about his crimes further.[9][10]

Tape transcript

The following is a genuine transcript of the recording released by Joseph Pasteris and the New Mexico Department of Public Safety in 2022. Be forewarned the transcript contains uncensored graphic language.

"Okay, bitch, we both know what you've been brought here for: a lot of fucking and sucking. Your wrists and ankles are chained and you're gagged because you're not gonna like the way I do it. You're going to be kept here naked and chained down. I'm going to use you for a sex slave. I'm into bondage and S&M. It's kind of hard to find a willing partner as it goes for that shit, so when I get the urge, I go out, find some good-looking little bitch that turns me on, kidnap her, and keep her in my playroom for a while for a sex toy. And this time it's your turn. You're going to be tied or chained in different positions, whipped, raped repeatedly in your cunt, mouth, and asshole, and your tits and sex organs are going to be abused and tortured in a variety of different ways. I'm not going to cut you up or do anything that will cause serious injury, and don't worry about being killed, I don't plan to do that either. As long as you don't know me you don't present a risk, and in a week or two when I'm through with you, you can be turned loose. Your tits, pussy, and asshole is going to be stretched, swollen, and sore as hell. You'll have some whip marks, and you'll probably have a few blisters on your tits, nipples, and sex organs from cigarette burns...but nothing that won't heal up in a few days. You're going to be tied in a variety of different positions, but for the most part you'll be kept on a rectangular table chained down spread-eagled; your legs forced extremely wide apart. If your tits are big enough, I'm going to tie ropes around them and squeeze them with the ropes. They'll also be squeezed with a breast press, and I'm going to put clamps on each one of your nipples with long nylon cords on each one, and tie the cords very tight to ceiling rings overhead. I'm going to see just how far I can stretch your tits, and we're going to stretch your clit, and if you pass out while I'm doing this shit, I'll revive you with ammonia inhalants. I want you to feel every second of it. And if you piss on yourself, I'm going to insert a catheter plug in your urethra, stop the hole up, the plug that I've got is pretty big and it's painful, and I'll leave it in until you're turned loose. I'm going to use an electroshock machine with the clamps attached to your nipples, clit, or to metal probes that'll be inserted into your pussy and asshole, and I'm going to stick needles in and through your nipples, tits, clit, and cunt lips. I have a hell of a good assortment of dildos, different sizes, everything from standard penis size up into some real monsters; three and a half four inches thick, about as big as a baby's head. What I plan to do with you is start with the smaller ones, stick them in your cunt and ass, play in your holes for a while, and each time a dildo is taken out, a little bit larger one will be put back in its place. I'm going to experiment on you and see how large your holes can eventually be stretched. I've done it to a lot of women over the years, and you'd be surprised at how large dildos that I'm eventually going to be able to force into you, particularly in your pussy, and that hell is designed to have a baby come out of, I'm just gonna be going the wrong way. I'm sure that it goes without saying that you will not be given any opportunity to escape. A long heavy chain is going to be kept locked around your neck all the time that you're here, even if you did manage to get your hands and feet loose, there's no way in hell you get that chain over your head. I've told you exactly what I plan to do and it's going to be painful as hell, that's the way I want it to be, but it is not part of my fantasies to do permanent damage unless I'm provoked. You know, I've got a hell of a bad temper. I'm vindictive as hell. I move around a lot so it's of little consequence if you know where you're being kept, because when you're released, I'll be on my way to some of the town or state, but don't try to find out too much about me. If I thought that she knew enough to cause serious problems, you would not be turned loose. You would simply disappear so don't do anything to create a situation where it might become necessary. But so much for that. I think you get the point, and right at the moment I'm pretty anxious to get you chained down on your back with your legs wide apart so I can give you a good examination, see what I've got to work with the next few days. As soon as I turn this tape off, you will have an excellent opportunity to try to beg for me to turn you loose. I may or may not be able to understand you through the gag, but if you want to, feel free to try. I love to listen to a bitch beg and plead...and this is the end of the tape."


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