Die Muthafucka Die (lost original version of Dr. Dre song; 1992)

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Dr dre studio.jpg

Dr. Dre (right) and Snoop Dogg (left) in a studio with Daz Dillinger (to Dre's left) and other Death Row artists (behind) (1991-1992).

Status: Lost

"Die Muthafucka Die" is a song by Dr. Dre that was originally intended to be a track for his debut album The Chronic, but was cut from the final version of the album due to Dr. Dre being focused more on the song Deep Cover with Snoop Dogg for the movie of the same name. A remix featuring YGD Tha Top Dogg was made for the Death Row compilation album Suge Knight Represents: Chronic 2000, but was also cut from the final version due to legal issues from Dr. Dre.


The remix was leaked in 2016 and is available on YouTube to listen to. However, the original version cannot be found anywhere. It has been said that the original version has been left unfinished with only 2 verses recorded. It is unknown if the remix instrumental was also used for the original.


Song Recorded Reason for removal from final cut Status
Original Version 1991-1992 (allegedly) Left unfinished to work on another song Lost
Chronic 2000 Remix 1998-1999 (allegedly) Legal issues Found


"Die Muthafucka Die" (remix).