Doctor Who: Worlds in Time (lost online MMORPG based on TV series; 2012-2014)

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The game's logo.

Status: Lost

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time was an online MMORPG from 2012 to 2014, based on the BBC's science fiction TV series.


In the game, the player could create their own character, choosing from four well known species from the show, and help the Doctor in missions.[1] The missions were mostly single player, with a few exceptions, and contained fights against foes from series past. The fights were mainly comprised of various puzzle games. The players were defined by their class and by their Sonic Screwdriver which was entirely customizable with components found while playing.

When the user wasn't on a mission, they could hang out in a "hub area", which represented one of the planets from the show and talk to other players there. Pieces of clothing from the show were regularly added and could be bought using coins, an in-game earned currency, or Chronons, a currency bought with real-world cash.


The game was browser-based, and available on the website Unfortunately this URL has since been bought by a shady company for a Robux scam. The original website is accessible through the Wayback Machine, but the game itself is lost.


Gameplay of Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Debut trailer for the game.

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