Doom "Episode 5" (lost cancelled expansion to first-person shooter, 1995; existence unconfirmed)

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Possible remnant of the map.

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

In its final "Ultimate" version, Doom had a total of four episodes with eight levels and a bonus level each (some home ports, like the Jaguar and Xbox versions, had additional stages, but often lacked the fourth episode). In 2015, John Romero released a dump of source files from Doom and Doom II to the forums.[1] Among the more fascinating artifacts of this development dump was a map file called "e5m1.dwd", dated March 29th, 1995, about a month before the release of The Ultimate Doom. The existence of this file may imply a fifth episode to the game was in production but ultimately scrapped. Little is known about the possible episode and what its content would have been, beyond the leaked map file.


In December 2017, John Romero began development on an unofficial fifth episode to DOOM entitled SIGIL. It was later released on May 22, 2019. [2] Any resemblance this episode has to the episode 5 that may have been in development in the 90s is unknown.

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