Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora (lost English dub of anime OVA; 1985)

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Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora.jpeg

VHS Cover of the OVA.

Status: Lost

Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora, Mujigen Hunter Fandora 夢次元ハンター ファンドラ) is an original video animation (OVA) created by manga artist Go Nagai. The three OVAs, all produced by short-lived Kaname Production and released in Japan by Nippon Columbia, were “Lem Fight Chapter”, 35 minutes, released on September 21, 1985; “Deddlandar Chapter”, 43 minutes on March 10, 1986; and “Fantos Chapter”, 46 minutes on November 21, 1986. [1] Having gained relative success in Japan, series producer Hiromasa Shibazaki wanted to sell the anime to an English speaking market and went as far as to dub Dream Dimensions Hunter Fandora into English. Due to the high cost of the English dub, not many copies of Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora sold in the West. The English dub of Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora never aired on television and due to the fact that the series never gained popularity outside of Japan and eventually faded into obscurity, the English dub has yet to be found.


Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora follows bounty hunter Fandora and her sidekick, Que, as they are bounty hunters in a time where warp travel has become a reality. Fandora and Que must fight Yogu-Sogos as he tries to take the Jewel of Lupia from Princess Fandora. [2]


The English dub of Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora has yet to surface. Due to the high prices of the VHS for the dub and the obscurity of anime in the West at the time, no known copies were shipped to retailers or individuals in the U.S. [3] It was marketed as a VHS to be sold overseas. The price was 100$ + International shipping. [4] While not proven, it is possible that the Laserdisc release may contain the English dub. [5] It is unknown if any of the other OVAs were dubbed, no photos of the Japanese tape have appeared, only one clip has been found online. On top of the lack of proof for the existence of the English dub, No English voice actors have ever been credited for working on the English dub. On top of that, no English voice actors or actresses have come forward claiming to have worked on the anime. As of the writing of this article, the English dub for Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora has yet to surface.

Notable Deviations from the Source Material

In the single surfaced clip, [6], there are some deviations from the Japanese subtitled version.[7]. The most notable is that the evil Gilsburg is no longer referred to as "The Pope of the Kadath Church." [8] Lines referring explicitly to religion and the church are apparently absent. It is possible that the rest of the English dub also varies from the Japanese sub. Many viewers have also noted the dub's lower quality voice acting.


Clip of the English Dub.


  • All 3 OVAs may have been dubbed or at least re-leased in Italy on DVD.

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