Drop Alive (lost build of unreleased Android port of platformer; 2016)

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Screenshot taken from the game's official artbook.

Status: Lost

Drop Alive is a platformer game created by Invi Games and released on Steam by Ipsilon Developments in 2016 for free. The player controls a little water drop that dreams to escape the house and get into the river. While the game is free, it contains a paid DLC that includes soundtrack, wallpapers and an artbook.[1]

Steam Description

An adventurous and curious water drop is trapped inside a house and needs your help to get back to the place she truly belongs to; a nearby glistening river. Climb a pile of jars, squeeze yourself through pipes and manage to get past a fridge full of stalactites without bursting. Use your wit to change from one state to another (liquid, solid and gas) surpassing every obstacle thrown your way as the game’s difficulty increases.[2]

Android Port

The page 19 of the artbook contains two screenshots of the unreleased Android version of the game. The page says:

"Drop Alive was first intended to be an Android game. But due to a "cuteness overload" the final version is only available on Steam."[3]