DrugFlow 2 (found mixtape from $uicideboy$ rapper $crim; 2013)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its mention of drug use and profanity.


#DrugFlow 2 cover art.

Status: Found

#DrugFlow 2 is a mixtape created by hip-hop music artist, Scott Arceneaux Jr.—better known as $crim—who is a part of the popular underground rap duo, $uicideboy$.

History and Status

It was released June 28th, 2013 as a digital download on MixtapeWire.com[1], DatPiff.com[2] and Bandcamp[3] It attained one-hundred forty-nine downloads before having the download link taken down on May of 2016.</nowiki>[4] The download page for the mixtape is still live, but no download links will work. In May 2023, a Bandcamp method was discovered that allowed albums on disabled accounts to be streamed if you were on a phone. This led to DrugFlow 2, Full Plates and Nightmare on Rising Sun Street to be recovered.

About the Mixtape

This mixtape was a large project, having twenty five songs on the tape, and two of them had a music video to boot. As the name of the project and some song titles suggest, the central topic of a vast majority of the tracks are drugs. The popular mixtape DJ, Trap-A-Holics hosted this mixtape and it was published under G*59 Records, the record label created by the two members of $uicideboy$ and fellow rapper Ivan Ramirez. Every song is produced and written by Arceneaux, and fellow rappers Coolest and JK make appearances throughout the tape.


The mixtape gained a lot of attention within the $uicideboy$ following when it's predecessor, #DrugFlow resurfaced on Reddit on June of 2021.[5] Before this point, the first #DrugFlow mixtape was thought to be lost to time, just like its successor. #DrugFlow 2 is also mentioned on Wikipedia as being one of Arceneaux's solo projects before joining forces with his cousin to form $uicideboy$.[6] #DrugFlow 2 isn't the only mixtape by Arceneaux that's been lost to time. Arceneaux released Nightmare on Rising Sun Street and Full Plates both on December of 2013 on DatPiff.com, but only about forty people downloaded both before the download links were removed also on May of 2016, making these even more unlikely to be recovered.[7]

Publicly Available Material

As of July 2021, three songs are publicly available from this mixtape. Two of which, "Hunnid Bitches" and "Me" are used on other mixtapes. "Hunnid Bitches" was first seen on Arceneaux's debut mixtape, Narcotics Anonymous in September of 2012. Me was created for the first #DrugFlow mixtape which was released December of 2012. "Chopper Season" is the only unique song from #DrugFlow 2 that is not lost, and this was because a music video was made for it that was posted onto Aristos Petrou's (Arceneaux's cousin, and the other half of the $uicideboy$ rap duo) filming YouTube channel.[8] This music video has been taken down and no longer exists on YouTube, but the audio was saved and reposted. There was also a music video for "#DrugFlow 2 Intro",[9] but this was not as popular and no reposts or the video or audio exist.

Track Listing

The following table is the track list for #DrugFlow 2, as seen on the MixtapeWire download page.

# Song Title Performers Status Notes
1 Scrim Intro $crim Found
2 #DrugFlow 2 Intro $crim Found Confirmed music video.
3 Diligaf $crim Found
4 Rules Of Da Game $crim Found
5 Chopper Season $crim Found Confirmed music video.
6 Big Time $crim, J.K. Found
7 Flex $crim, Coolest Found
8 Eye Luv U $crim Found
9 Drug Flow $crim Found
10 Tori Tootie Sims $crim Found
11 Interlude $crim Found
12 Have Mercy $crim Found
13 Hunnid Bitches $crim Found Appears on another project.
14 Dat Turn Up $crim Found
15 Psychoz $crim, Coolest Found
16 Dream (Interlude) $crim Found
17 Bang $crim Found
18 Me $crim Found Appears on another project.
19 Hi (Smoke Break) $crim Found
20 4 My Dogz $crim Found
21 Fvck Wit Me $crim, Coolest Found
22 Trippy $crim Found
23 Narcotics $crim Found
24 Started $crim Found
25 Scrim Outro $crim Found


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