GOD IS BEING RAPED UNCENSORED (lost uncensored version of music video of JOHNNASCUS song; 2021)

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This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter including rape, mentions of rape and murder, and possible gore.


The box for the VHS.

Status: Lost

"GOD IS BEING RAPED UNCENSORED" is an uncensored version of the music video "GOD IS BEING RAPED" by experimental rap artist and former member of collective Spider Gang JOHNNASCUS, which was released on December 25th, 2021.

Content Matter

The music video is extremely disturbing with mentions of rape and murder, possible gore and copious amounts of pornographic material.[1] The video also contains many flashing lights/flashing imagery. According to users on reddit, there are (possibly, not confirmed) scenes include gore and extra snippets from the video.[2]


The VHS tapes were available on JOHNNASCUS' bigcartel page in late 2021/early 2022 up until sometime around springtime of 2022 and sold for 60 US dollars.[3] The bigcartel page is still up, but when one tries to go to the page for the VHS tape it redirects to the main page. It is not archived on the Wayback Machine, however, the homepage from when it was available is archived. It does not show any footage or pictures from the uncensored video. The tapes were also sold at JOHNNASCUS' New York shows (shown from their Instagram page),[4] but it is not known how many were sold at the shows if any.


The VHS tape has not resurfaced on JOHNNASCUS' bigcartel page since it's selling out after a week. There have been no listings of the VHS on sites such as ebay. Multiple users on the JOHNNASCUS subreddit have claimed to own the uncensored tape, with users offering to sell the tape for up to 2,000 dollars.[5]. On Jan 4th, a user in the JOHNNASCUS subreddit posted a video showing the box art of the tape. There are currently two surviving pictures and one video of the VHS tape and one still of the vhs.