Game Over "Episodes 3 and 4" (found episodes of YouTube series; dates unknown)

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Mario luigi.jpg

"Episode 4", Mario comforting a dying Luigi.

Status: Found

Date found: 06 Dec 2017

Found by: Poliak

Game Over is a popular series of videos on YouTube that features characters from the Super Mario Bros. series. The original video was created by YouTuber Cadburyking, and a sequel video was eventually created by another YouTuber called Adsolution, which continued the story.

Parts three and four were created by mrGlitch2000 shortly after the second episode was released, and both garnered several million hits on YouTube.

In September 2011, parts three and four were deleted from YouTube by its author, mrGlitch2000. These videos were considered missing save for a few select pieces of footage until December 6th, 2017, when a YouTuber named Poliak re-uploaded the two missing parts up again.


The story of the once-missing parts continued on where the second episode had left off and shown the depression that Mario and Luigi felt due to the death of Princess Peach. "Episode 3" had shown the Mario Bros. attempting to get on with their lives until a group of Zombies invades the castle. Luigi attempts to find out what's going on but is quickly attacked by a Hunter from Left 4 Dead.

"Episode 4" shows Mario realizing that the Castle is under attack and discovers his brother, who has been severely injured by the Zombies. Mario attempts to keep him alive, but Luigi dies in Mario's arms. Mario shortly climbs to the top of the tower and commits suicide, unable to escape the Zombies and the torment of losing his brother and the Princess.


Surviving Footage

YouTuber Suescunsgaray created a brand new part for the Game Over series, which was a "bad ending" for "Episode 5," footage from "Episodes 3 & 4" were included into the video and were shown in very small increments.

The two episodes were thought to be lost, but on December 6th, 2017, a YouTuber by the name of Poliak uploaded the 2 episodes, stating that he had them on a hard disk.

Game Over "Episode 3."

Game Over "Episode 4."

Footage for "Episodes 3 & 4" begin at 0:15 to 0:25.

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