Garfield's Judgment Day (partially found production material from cancelled animated special based on comic strip; late 1980s-early 1990s)

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Garfield's Judgment Day picture book.

Status: Partially Found

Garfield's Judgment Day was a cancelled animated Garfield movie-length special that would have aired in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Jim Davis wanted this special to be one of the best Garfield specials, involving much more serious themes than previous specials based on the brand, namely involving a tornado destroying his hometown. Interestingly, Disney was the studio working on it.

The special went through scripting and was fully story-boarded. All of the voice acting, several songs, and an estimated 15 minutes worth of animation were completed before Disney cancelled the special, feeling the subject matter was far too dark and depressing for a Garfield cartoon. Davis tried to script the special two more times, but the studio showed no interest both times. The story was eventually incorporated into a Garfield picture book of the same name in July 1990.

A documentary titled Happy Birthday Garfield that aired on CBS in 1988 featured a "sneak preview" of the special. Aside from this, no other footage of the film has been seen.


A recording of a song that would have been featured in the movie.

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