Garfield's World Ego Tour (lost live-action special based on comic strip; 2003)

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The back cover of the third "Garfield: Kedi Geri Döndü!" VCD set, which briefly mentions the special.

Status: Lost

As the Garfield franchise was heading for its 25th anniversary, a live-action special intended for primetime, Garfield's World Ego Tour was produced in order to commemorate this milestone. However, despite the anniversary being well-promoted, the special doesn't seem to have aired in spite of this.

The one-hour[1] special, produced by Tremendous! Entertainment, Inc., focused on the titular feline as he visits his millions of fans around the globe. The special also featured clips from previous Garfield media (similar to the earlier Happy Birthday, Garfield!, which was also released to coincide with a milestone), footage of Jim Davis' studio at Paws Inc.[2] (referred to as "an inside look at Garfield's home") and the franchise's influence on pop culture.


The special was first announced on October 3, 2002, being planned to begin production on January of 2003 with the final product airing on June of the same year[3]. A further announcement was made on May 8, 2003, when it was announced that Tremendous would showcase the special at L.A. Screenings, giving international buyers a peek at the special[4].


Despite the special being completed for screening, alongside plans to air the special on June, the special has not aired on said month, let alone in other countries outside the US. It is not known whether or not international buyers at L.A. Screenings (nor at MIPTV, where the special was also featured at) had shown enough interest to buy the broadcast rights to the special.

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