Gekkan Kin no Tamago? (lost series of Namco doujin albums; 2004)

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Gekkan Kin no Tamago.jpg

The album covers for the three albums in the series.

Status: Lost

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Gekkan Kin no Tamago? (月刊 金のたまご?, The Monthly Golden Egg?) is a series of Japanese albums from 2004 featuring students of the Japan Narration Acting Institute as vocalists. The songs were made by composers from Namco Limited, which later merged into Bandai Namco in 2005-2006, and lyricists who were working on THE iDOLM@STER around the time; the songs from the original arcade game were recorded the previous year, featuring some of the students on backing vocals.

With the exception of Hiroto Sasaki, most composers were left uncredited or credited under pseudonyms due to their employment at Namco, with Shinji Ikeda being Satoru Kosaki and jiji being Koji Nakagawa. The identities of MOCCOBOND and YOSHITO are currently unknown, but the two may also have worked on THE iDOLM@STER.


All three albums are currently completely lost, with no CD rips or track uploads online. No tracklist is available for Gekkan Kin no Tamago? 8-gatsugou Natsuyasumi Tokubetsu-hen either.

Date Title Status
June 2004 Gekkan Kin no Tamago? 6-gatsugou Lost
July 2004 Gekkan Kin no Tamago? 7-gatsugou Lost
August 2004 Gekkan Kin no Tamago? 8-gatsugou Natsuyasumi Tokubetsu-hen Lost

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