Girlquake! (lost action-exploitation film; 1995)

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Status: Lost

Girlquake! is a film from New York artist Michael Randall.[1] The movie was a throwback to exploitation films, in particular the works of Russ Meyer.


The film was made independently some time in the mid-1990s. It was praised by film critic Joe Bob Briggs in a July 1995 review.[2] Its opening scene was later recounted in the book For Women Only: Your Guide to Health Empowerment by Gary Null and Barbra Seaman.[3]


The film opens in an Arizona dinner, where a group of five Amazon women erupt from the center of the Earth. A group of men attempt to rape them but are killed, one by being drowned in a bowl of meat.

The Amazon women must make their way to Coney Island, where their Queen is. In their search for her, the end up meeting Ginger, a stripper called "Queen of Double Ds," Queen Zahara, a performer in a freak show, Chersteen, a drag queen, and a Dominatrix.

Cast and Crew

  • Michael Randall as director
  • Kat Walker as the leader of the Amazon women
  • Chersteen as the drag queen
  • Etoile Bijou as a sideshow psychic
  • Kim Ryder as a Dominatrix
  • Gillian Boardman "Gerrie"[4]
  • The Great Fredini[5]
  • Mik Cribben as Cinematographer[6]


Despite releasing to theaters, there are no apparent home media releases, nor have any promotional materials, such as posters or stills, from the film have been found. All we have are accounts from people who saw or worked on the film.