God Forbid recordings (lost early Mark Kozelek tracks; 1980s)

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Mark Kozelek 2014.jpg

Mark Kozelek in 2014.

Status: Lost

Before Mark Kozelek formed Red House Painters (probably in or around 1988), he was in a band called God Forbid. The band recorded a very small collection of tracks which may have been sold (not sure) to concert-goers.

Little to nothing is known about the project. Most fans of Kozelek's work didn't even know the project existed until a rare interview from 1988 of early Red House Painters material surfaced on a torrent. The interview featured Kozelek explaining the early history behind Red House Painters and hinted at some recorded tracks for God Forbid. Kozelek may have been reluctant to even mention God Forbid due to the embarrassment or dislike of his early vocals.