Gore (lost unreleased Gore Vidal biopic starring Kevin Spacey; 2017)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its mentions of sexual misconduct, statutory rape, and other miscellaneous perversive acts towards minors.

Kevin Spacey as Gore Vidal.

Status: Lost

In 2017, Kevin Spacey starred in Netflix's new upcoming film entitled, Gore. The film was essentially a biopic on the life of American writer, screenwriter, and public intellectual, Gore Vidal, the writer of what is recognized as the first major novel about a transgender woman, 1968's "Myra Breckinridge". It would be the first feature film about their life after many documentaries had been made about them years prior. It would take set in Italy and would be filmed in Vidal's villa in Ravello, Italy. The film was directed by Michael Hoffman and was produced by Andy Paterson and Netflix.[1][2]

Months later, the film was announced to be cancelled of release due to multiple allegations against the actor, Kevin Spacey, was brought to light.[3][4]

Allegations & Cancellation

On October 29th, 2017, three weeks after the production for Gore had finished wrapping[3], and in the light of the #MeToo movement happening during that time, actor Kevin Rapp had approached Buzzfeed News in June of that year revealing revelations about Kevin Spacey and how Spacey made unwanted and nonconsensual sexual advancements and actions towards them when Rapp was 14 years old, and Spacey on the other hand, was 26[5]. With Anthony Rapp coming forward on their indecent experience with Spacey, caused a "butterfly effect" in which several more men came forward about Spacey's harassment, behavior, and inappropriate actions towards them, with some disclosing that they were minors when Spacey harassed them[6].

With more and more allegations and revelations coming to light, on Friday of that week which was November 3rd, 2017, a spokesperson from Netflix announced that they will be cutting off the relationship ties with the actor, thus, also announcing the cancellation of the release of the projects Spacey was involved in, which includes the popular Netflix series, House of Cards, and Gore.[4][3][7]

Offputting Similarities

Albeit allegations against Spacey were definitely a reason on why Gore would be unreleased, some articles suggest that this might just have been a factor too, as Gore Vidal, the person who the film was about, was also involved in various inappropriate acts towards minors. It was also allegedly apparent that Vidal was into younger men[8]. Given that Spacey was given the role to portray Vidal in the now unreleased film, it is offputting and weirdly uncomfortable to see the similarities in evoking one another's actions[3][8]

In a 2018 article by BuzzFeed News, they had managed to obtain a script on Gore[3]. In the article, it revealed a couple of instances in Gore's script where the film portrayed Vidal's alleged perverted acts with a young fan. In the script, Vidal's neighbor, Anthony, stumbled upon a letter from a young fan and aspiring writer named Jamie. Anthony later wrote a falsified letter that invited Jamie and his girlfriend to visit Vidal's house and convinced Vidal to let them in his house. The script was suggested to "emphasize" how attractive Jamie was and tried to begin to "seduce" Jamie[3]. In another scene, where Vidal invited Jamie in Rome, Vidal encountered Rudolf who would also encounter Marcella and Petra, who are exhibitionists and started to dance in front of Jamie and Vidal, though later in the scene, it was revealed that both Marcella and Petra were male, as Rudolf stripped both of them, revealing penises[3]. The scene would later go on as Vidal suggested Jamie was "hard", which he had[3].

The filmmakers of the film had stated no intentions behind Spacey's casting and their main reason was Spacey's performance in House of Cards[3], and since the film was made before any allegations came to light, it is unfortunate on how unironic the similarities between Spacey's performance as Vidal and Vidal himself is[3].


No available footage of the film is online and there are only a few available photos of the film that are online as well.

With Netflix reportedly lost $39 million dollars on cancelling Gore[9], and since Gore had been in limbo with no company distributing the film as of yet[3], it will be very unlikely to be released for years to come. Many actors of the film had stated interest on releasing the film however, not to support Spacey's actions but to see how the film was meant to be seen[3]. Additionally, there's a current Change.org petition on releasing Gore.

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