Greater Union Cinemas (partially lost intros and preview bumpers from the Australian theatre chain; 1976-2005)

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The logo for Greater Union around the time.

Status: Partially Lost

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"Greater Union Cinemas" was a Australian cinema chain that existed from at least 1931 to 2009 when it was rebranded to Event Cinemas. However, it had some lost intros and preview bumpers at the time. The following list is to keep track of these following material.



Made around the same time as GUO Film Distributors' on-screen logo, this was also shown on TV spots of movies.

The Greater Union Cinema bumper used from the late 1970s's-1982. This was seen as a endcard on TV spots of movies whenever they were showing at the time".


The full intro and preview bumpers are lost, while their bumper for their distribution arm is found recently, which was made around the time. According to freiburgdl405 on Youtube, there are also preview bumpers for the cinema chain, which is mostly the film distribution bumper except with "Now Showing" or "Coming Soon" shown instead under the Greater Union logo at the time, though existence has yet to be confirmed.

The 1982 bumper for the cinema chain, uploaded by Logo Archive, appeared on most TV Spots of movies whenever they were showing at the time. It was essentially a broadcasted warp speed variant of the lost intro.

The ident for Greater Union's film distribution arm, which was only used at the time when GU distributed, uploaded by FTDepot on May 15, 2023.


In 1988, Greater Union ditched their "Star Tunnel" intro and was attempting to revive their GU symbol, however, it didn't last long.

The found "Distributors" version of the usual 1988 logo, uploaded by FTDepot on May 10, 2023.


Later in 1991, Greater Union changed its logo yet again, this time, it ditched their redesigned GU symbol at the time, this was a prototypical version of the 1993 logo at the time.

Greater Union's cinema bumper from 1991, uploaded by FTDepot on May 20, 2023.

1993-early 2000s?

Partial footage of their intro at the time, shown on the Digital Fusion demo reel at 3:26.

Early 2000s-2003

Around the 2000s, Greater Union revamped it's "That's what I want" campaign, What they used to do as a feature presentation type thing was play this theme to the current season's movies at the time and when they got to the end bit they actually spliced in clips of the characters saying "That's What I Want" (usually four different movies for each word), Footage or evidence to this intro is lost.


In 2003, Greater Union changed its bumper to a more space-type themed intro.

The GU cinema bumper from around 2003, uploaded by Logo Archive,


Greater Union changed its logo again around 2005, it was their last bumper before rebranding to Event Cinemas.

Greater Union's ident from around 2005, uploaded by Logo Archive,