Herbie Rides Again (lost deleted scene of comedy film; 1974)

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The image seen on the View-Master reel

Status: Lost

Herbie Rides Again is the 1974 sequel to The Love Bug.

The film had a portion of the scene deleted from it, likely for being too frightening for children. The scene involved Alonzo Hawk (Keenan Wynn) having various nightmares related to Herbie.

One of these nightmares was him about to be operated on by a pair of Volkswagen Beetles "doctors" (complete with red crosses and arms to hold devices). They then say, "Take his carburetor out and have a look at it." However, as they approach, Hawk wakes up.

A still image of the scene was included in the tie-in GAF View-Master reel set. It is unknown if the scene still exists.


The nightmare scene, as seen in the final cut.

The GAF View-Master reel that features the scene.