Hummer Limo (partially lost unreleased Ayesha Erotica song; 2018)

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The Loose Teens album cover.

Status: Partially Lost


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"Hummer Limo" (also known as Sophisticated) is an unreleased song by Ayesha Erotica, which was intended for her collaborative album The Loose Teens, but the album, along side this song, was ultimately scrapped following her 2018 retirement.


The song was one of five collabs between Ayesha and producer Crapface, alongside songs like Fuck the Beat Up, Bump, Anal Queen & Vacation Bible School. [1]

A snippet of an early demo version, entitled Sophisticated, was included as a part of Danica Anna Uskert-Quinn's Playtime Film.[2]

In February 2024, Ayesha spoke about the song, confirming on Twitter that the song was meant for "The Loose Teens" album.[3]

Preservation Status

Two snippets & the complete instrumental survive. The first was part of the Playtime Soundtrack and runs around 18 seconds, the second was played by Crapface on Instagram Live in 2020 and runs around 30 seconds.[4] The full instrumental was posted on one of Ayesha's alternate Soundcloud accounts, christiangirl44, and still survives to this day.[5]


Remastered version of Crapface's snippet.

The full instrumental.

The playtime remix; "Sophisticated" snippet starts at 2:28.

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