Ice Cream (found My Bloody Valentine single; 1985)

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My Bloody Valentine - Ice Cream - Cassette.jpg

Promo cassette for Ice Cream.

Status: Found

Date found: 13 Feb 2019

Found by: cristianHA

My Bloody Valentine is a legendary shoegaze band that formed in 1983 in Dublin, Ireland. The band has released a string of albums and EP's that are considered among music fans and critics to be some of the greatest recordings of all time.

While they are most well-known as innovators in the shoegaze movement, My Bloody Valentine started their career as a gothic rock/psychobilly band consisting of original members Kevin Shields (guitar), Colm O'Ciosoig (drums), David Conway (vocals), and Tina Durkin (keyboards). Tina Durkin departed shortly after releasing their debut mini-LP This is Your Bloody Valentine in 1985 and was replaced by bassist Debbie Googe that same year.

Sometime in 1985, My Bloody Valentine planned to release a four-song single titled Ice Cream. Nothing was known regarding the music that was to be released on the single (not even the song titles were known) but judging from the time period in which the single was planned; it can be safely assumed that the songs were off their early gothic style. It was unknown whether the songs were recorded before or after Tina Durkin left the band, nor was it known why the single's release was cancelled.

The only evidence of Ice Cream's existence is a Discogs page for a pre-release promotional cassette of the single, which was accompanied by a 10-page label catalogue of the German independent record label Schuldige Scheitel. This cassette appears to be extremely rare, considering that before creating this Discogs page, the proposed single was entirely unknown to the public, with the songs on the cassette not being known to have been made publicly available.

On February 13th, 2019, Discogs user cristianHa revealed that the single was nothing more than a rerelease of the band's 1985 Geek! EP, with three tracks from German band Dreidimensional's 1985 release Crack The Heart being used as the B-side, rendering the cassette found.

Track Listing

# Song Title Band Status
A1 No Place To Go My Bloody Valentine Found
A2 The Sandman Never Sleeps My Bloody Valentine Found
A3 Love Machine My Bloody Valentine Found
A4 Moonlight My Bloody Valentine Found
B1 Susan (No Chance To Be A Pop Star) Dreidimensional Found
B2 Heartcracks Dreidimensional Found
B3 My Golden Toast Dreidimensional Found

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