In the Distance (lost unreleased Yasuko Endo single; 1986)

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A picture of Yasuko Endo.

Status: Lost

Yasuko Endo (遠藤康子) was a Japanese model and actress who was set to debut as a singer under contract with the Pony Canyon record label. Her first single "In the Distance" (b-side: Telephone) was scheduled for release in May 1986. On March 29th, 1986, Yasuko Endo committed suicide by leaping off the roof of her Tokyo apartment building. Pony Canyon cancelled plans for the single release and reportedly destroyed all copies in their possession.[1]

As promotion was already underway for the single (several magazines had printed reviews) it is likely that copies survived even if Pony Canyon destroyed the master copy and all unreleased pressings. However, any recordings of the single and the b-side have yet to surface. A cover of "In the Distance" was recorded by Tetsuo Sakurai, who produced the song for Yasuko, and included on his album Dewdrops.


Sakura Stardust's video on the subject.

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