Inside Out's performance at Toe Jam (partially lost live footage from performance; 1991)

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Inside Out 1991.jpg

A screenshot taken from the video.

Status: Partially Lost

Inside Out (no relation to the Pixar film of the same name) was a hardcore band from Orange County, California active from 1988-1991. The band is noteworthy for being Zack de la Rocha's band before joining Rage Against The Machine.

This performance was their second last show before disbanding, which happened at Toe Jam in Long Beach, California on May 18th, 1991.

After obtaining a full audio recording of the performance, videographer Hate5six spent 6 years looking for any video footage. He was given a VHS tape by Mark Haworth (the bassist) and his family with most of the performance on it. Unfortunately, a portion of the tape was recorded over with an airing of The Wizard of Oz. He uploaded what he had of the footage synced with the audio recording for his 3000th video release on December 31st, 2018.

The camera operator's identity and the whereabouts of the original video recording are currently unknown.


1. Undertone

2. Burning Fight

3. Just Like You

4. By A Thread

5. Darkness of Greed

6. Sacrifice

7. Rage Against the Machine

8. No Spiritual Surrender


The Hate5six footage.

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