Inspector Gadget "Gadget in Winterland" (lost Jesse White voice recording from animated series pilot; 1982)

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Jesse White, the second actor to record for the role (left) and Inspector Gadget from the pilot (right).

Status: Lost

In 1982, DIC Entertainment began producing the animated series Inspector Gadget, a show about a bungling bionic detective battling the criminal agency, MAD, and their mysterious, dastardly leader, Dr. Claw, with the actual detective work being done by his young niece Penny and his dog, Brain.

The original pilot, "Gadget in Winterland" (later retitled "Olympic Games") was about Gadget being assigned to prevent MAD from sabotaging the Olympic Games in the town of Winterland.

The producers originally cast voice actor and announcer Gary Owens as Gadget, but afterward re-recorded his lines with actor Jesse White playing the part.[1] Reportedly, Jesse White did a Don Adams impression during his line reads.[2] Ultimately, White was also rejected, and finally, Get Smart star Don Adams was cast in the role.

While Adams' recording of the role is the one commonly heard in the episode, the Australian DVD release contained Owens' portrayal of the character in the pilot. Although the original end credits sequence on both of the DVD releases for this episode list White as Gadget's voice, the audio of him playing the part has not surfaced to this day.

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