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Inspector Gadget Poster Original.jpg

An early poster for the film.

Status: Partially Found

Inspector Gadget was a popular animated series from 1983 created by DIC Entertainment about a bumbling detective with gadgets implanted in him, his intelligent niece Penny and dog Brain, and his will to stop Dr. Claw and his evil organization of agents, called M.A.D.

In the mid-1990s, Disney bought the rights to make a live-action film about the show, and in 1999, the film was released. It starred Matthew Broderick in the role of the titular character, and Rupert Everett as the antagonist. Despite being a modest success, the film received unfavorable reviews from critics and fans of the show.[1]

Deleted Scenes

The film's original cut was much closer to 90 minutes and had several deleted scenes that did not make the final cut.[2] A lot of the final film included ADR dialogue to attempt to bridge cut scenes and change character motivations. The opening dream sequence and following scene with John Brown talking to Penny were reshot, with the original film opening with Brenda Bradford and her father experiementing. The novelisation of the film includes a majority of the scenes that were cut.

According to the film's director, David Kellogg:

David Kellogg's response regarding the 110-minute test screening cut.

In June 2023, the original shooting script for the film was published online, expanding on scenes that were trimmed, and revealing the context of scenes which were cut.[3]

The deleted scenes included:

  • Earlier scenes of Dr Artemus Bradford and Brenda working on their inventions and giving context to their work and "The Gadget Program". These scenes were cut and replaced with ADR to bridge the missing scenes.
  • After Dr Artemus Bradford is murdered, some of his inventions in his workroom briefly came alive and "cried" in memoriam for their inventor.
  • After a visit from the Mayor and Chief Quimby, Brenda enters John's room where Penny is. She tells her of an operation that could save her Uncle's life, but he would need to consent in order for it to happen. After Brenda asks John to make any noise to indicate his consent for the surgery to proceed, Penny pinches Brain so he makes a groaning noise. Brenda believes it to come from John, and says that he's "...a brave man...". Penny winks at her Uncle, knowing that she has done the right thing.
  • A longer version of the surgery scene.
  • Claw, Sikes, and Kramer discussing the foot and helmet that they stole (scene in film cuts before this can occur).
  • Extended dialogue between Brenda and Gadget when he wakes up.
  • Extended scene of Brenda explains the purpose of the "Gadget Suit" before being sprayed in blue goo (ADR changed to toothpaste in final film).
    • "Unlike the gadgets built into your body, which are instinct-activated, the coat and hat are voice-activated. Also the hat band has an L.E.D. displaying the Miranda rights".
  • Gadget meeting the Mayor and Chief Quimby after demonstrating his abilities with the Guru. The Mayor is aprehensive about shaking his hand after what she had just seen, but "reconnects her previous attraction". Chief Quimby tells her to get a grip.
  • Kramer and Sikes waiting for Scolex to arrive, where Kramer is telling Sikes "...when you smoke, I smoke". Once Claw arrives, Kramer explains that he was able to make numerous upgrades based on the design of the foot, including more life-like skin..
  • Gadget and Brenda have a picnic in Atremus' exotic topiary garden outside the compound, where Gadget is trying to work up the nerve to make a move. He ends up overheating, and Brenda has to fix this. This leads to him accidentally blowing up his new car, so Brenda surprises him by giving him the "Gadgetmobile" earlier.
  • After the Gadgetmobile takes off, he was originally going to give Gadget advice on making a move on Brenda, and was originally to sound more like singer "Barry White".
    • During this scene when Gadget is pressing numerous buttons, he presses a McDonald's button which causes fries to come out.
  • A scene of Gadget walking down a street and testing out his gadgets.
  • A scene from the Riverton Police Gala featuring a goofy couple singing "I Will" by the Beatles.
  • A scene of Gadget making Penny lunch.
  • A scene of Gadget directing traffic and blowing a whistle with a third hand attached to his hat.
  • Robo-Gadget causing a traffic accident and then throwing a person in a phone booth.
  • A scene of Claw trying to get Robo-gadget into his limo after he caused chaos throughout the city.
  • Inspector Gadget singing 'Oklahoma' atop the trash heap before/as he is coming back to life.
  • Cut shot of the Robo-gadget fight scene. This scene depicts Gadget and Robo-Gadget riding in shopping carts. Robo-Gadget quickly gives him a martini, a pair of glasses, and a cigarette. Gadget then spits and throws them away.
  • A scene showing Robo-gadget's severed head sitting in ice next to fish heads in an outdoor market.


Clips of these scenes were included in various trailers for the film and promotional spots for the film, but the remainder of the cut content remains unseen. It is currently unknown if the original cut of the film will ever be released.



The Italian trailer to Inspector Gadget.

The first 1999 trailer for Inspector Gadget, scanned from a 35MM print.

Trailer for the film containing the cocktail scene, scanned from a 35MM print.

The behind the scenes video containing some of the scenes.


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