Inspector Gadget (partially found deleted scenes of film; 1999)

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Gadget early logo.jpeg

Early logo of the film.

Status: Partially Found

Inspector Gadget was a popular animated series from 1983, created by DIC Entertainment, about a bumbling detective with gadgets implanted in him, and his intelligent niece and dog, and his will to stop Dr. Claw and his evil organization of agents, called M.A.D.

In the mid-1990s, Disney bought the rights to make a live action film about the show, and in 1999, the film was released. It starred Matthew Broderick in the role of the titular character, and Rupert Everett as the antagonist. The film was released to terrible box office results, end up a failure, received unfavorable reviews, and is infamous for being reviewed by Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic.

Deleted Scenes

The film's original cut was 110 minutes and had several deleted scenes, cut from the final film, due to test audience reactions, the sexual innuendos and drug and alcohol references in order to stay family-friendly.

The deleted scenes included:

  • An alternate, more grittier looking opening.
  • A longer version of the surgery scene.
  • A longer version of Gadget and Brenda's talk, only appeared as thought bubbles in the final.
  • A scene of Gadget making Penny lunch.
  • A scene of Gadget walking down a street, and testing out his gadgets.
  • Cut shot of the Robo-gadget fight scene, this scene depicts Gadget and his clone, Robo-Gadget riding in shopping carts. Robo-Gadget quickly gives him a martini, a pair of glasses, and a cigarette. Gadget then spits and throws them away. As this was an attempt at adult humor, the scene was cut from the film. A higher quality .gif file was found on the internet. This deleted scene is the most well-known, out of all of them.
The scene in question (click to see the .gif animated).
  • Unused shots of Dr. Claw's lair.


Clips of these scenes were included in an Italian teaser trailer, an early trailer, as well as a behind the scenes segment, but the remainder of the scenes, and possibly any more cut content, still remains unseen. It is currently unknown if the original cut of the film will ever be released.


The Italian trailer to Inspector Gadget.
The first 1999 trailer for Inspector Gadget.
The behind the scenes video containing some of the scenes.