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InuMiya was a Japanese artist whom was very active on Amusement Big-net, a Japanese website hosting service from 1997 until 2000.

She had various files in her folders dedicated simply to art. When Alexa Crawls was saving the Wayback Machine crawls, every file except one was corrupted. Pages on her website were “Miyamairi, which translates to “Shrine Visit”. The Miyamairi contained one simple thing. An Amusement Big-net sign in. There are also logs written by InuMiya on this sign-in page about music, exercise, lost car keys, etc.

Picture Diary Miya’s next page was her “Picture Diary”. There were multiple parts of her picture diary which included all of her life experiences. Around the time of her sudden disappearance, she had about fifty pictures in her picture diary. She also had a page which simply has only one picture on it, nicknamed “Untitled”. Untitled has a character of an unknown gender staring at a sky full of thunder.

Morning Musume Miya’s most interesting blog is “Morning Musume”, where most of her pictures were kept, neatly organized into files. These files included

Selfish: Selfish featured drawings and stories about things Miya saw in her daily life. Gallery Without permission: Gallery Without Permission featured all of her commission/requests/trades and regular artl Derailment Gallery: Derailment Gallery featured fan-art of Japanese celebrities. Links: It’s unknown what Links was for, since there was already a link page on her website. CG Miya had a CG, which is a gift gallery of art that fans and other artists draw pictures for other artists. It was and still is a tradition of Japanese artists,. However, other countries’ artists also have CGs and websites containing pictures from the artists also contain CGs. All known data from her page has been lost sadly Miya’s Bookshelf Everyone who knew Miya well knew she loved book. Her bookshelf page quotes: “I like books myself, and I usually read a lot, but by the time you come across a book or writer that you like so much, it seems like a detour. So, book lovers don't have to spend a lot of time searching for it. A corner where I can help the reader find good books. I wanted to make it, so I made it like this. (^^) (Of course, finding such a book is one of the pleasures (laughs))

It ’s just my personal recommendation Even if I read it, it might not fit well There may be....

I wonder if I should read a book once in a while ♪ When I wondered if there was any good book I hope this corner will be helpful.

May you come across a good book ..... ♪ (^^) /“

All the books she listed were mainly obscure Japanese romance stories.

Found Media by Miya Miya has too much lost media to list, so here’s the found media

Nori: As shown above, it features a gray spotted cat kneeling. Tori: This shows a harpy staring at her wings while sitting on top of what seems to be a tall skyscraper Untitled: As said above, this picture displays a brown haired character of unknown gender angrily staring at a cloud. Link: This picture shows a smiling girl, with her head turned to the side. There is rainbow Japanese text and plain white-and-red text reading “Miya’s Homepage”