Jak Obudzić Się (partially found unreleased Kaśka Myszkiewicz album; 1997)

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Scans from the booklet of "Dance World Fundacja Polsat Hits Vol. 3", where the upcoming release of "Jak Obudzić Się" was announced.

Status: Partially Found

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Kaśka Myszkiewicz is a Polish Eurodance singer under the now-defunct Star Maker Studios. She was the vocalist for the Eurodance project of the same name, Kaśka, producing hits such as "Ja Wiem" and "Mówiłeś" in 1996. She released her debut solo album, "Ty Istniejesz", on the Dance World label in early 1997.

In the summer of 1997, the liner notes of the compilation Dance World Fundacja Polsat Hits Volume 3, which included a remix of her latest single "Zegar", mentions: "z album: Jak Obudzić Się" premiera wrzesień 1997" ("from the album "Jak Obudzić Się", premieres September 1997"). Three other singles would be released from the album: "Jak Obudzić Się", "Czarodziejska Wieża" and "Kolor Nieba". Sometime around August-September of 1997, however, several new albums from Star Maker Studios would suddenly be delayed, including "Jak Obudzić Się".

The following year, "Tyle Samo Prawd Ile Kłamstw", a cover recorded for "Jak Obudzić Się", would see a release as part of a cover compilation called Remix Explosion. While most delayed albums eventually saw a release, "Jak Obudzić Się" remains unreleased.

With the closure of Star Maker Studios in 1998, as well as the retirement of Myszkiewicz the same year and the passing of the albums' producer Krzysztof Czub in 2018, it's unknown where the masters may be today.