Jalopy (lost early build of indie racing-game; 2014)

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A preview of the vehicle storage system, with a suitcase that isn't present on newer game versions.

Status: Lost

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Jalopy is an indie game released on Steam in early access in 2016 (still downloadable in the list of Betas), and then got out of early-access in 2018. The game developer is Minskworks (Greg Pryjmachuk), and the game publisher is Excalibur Games.


After the great success of the game, Excalibur tried to do a sequel to the game, but Minskworks wanted to finish the game first. The game publish released a successor to this game, Road to Guangdong, without Greg authorization. (This second game isn't available on Steam anymore, but players can still find game keys on the internet.) After a backlash because of the second game not being as good as the original one, Greg got tons of insults, even though he hadn't made the game in anyway.

The developer of this game then burnt out and got his access revoked from the game page on Steam and Xbox.[1].After 4 years without any updates, the game community is still active, and Minskworks is planning on making a spiritual successor to his first game.

Before its early access on Steam, the game was presented by Minskworks in 2012. At the beginning of its development stage, on Unity forums. There, Greg gave access to a Dropbox link, with the first versions of the game content in 2014.[2] However, this Droplix link doesn't work anymore and is currently dead.
People were able to download it, so it may still be on an old hard drive of someone's.