Gotcha (partially found full version of "Jetsons: The Movie" song; 1990)

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Cover of the official motion picture soundtrack.

Status: Partially Found

Jetsons: The Movie is an animated film movie released in 1990. It is based on the Hanna Barbera TV animated series The Jetsons. the first series aired from 1962-1963 before being revived for two more seasons from 1985-1987. The series was centered around the futuristic family of the same name.

In the movie, a song named Gotcha was used during a scene transition. However, this song was not included in the movie's home version soundtrack.

The Song

Gotcha is credited as written by Tim James and Steve McClintock and performed by Steve McClintock and Garm Beall. Despite being so elusive, it is the second one listed in the credits after the movie's own theme song.


As of 2019, there doesn't seem to be an extended/full version of the song available anywhere, if it ever existed in this format. Even if the extended version does exist, it is unlikely to resurface due to the fact that the movie is nearly 30 years old, was a box office bomb and this was the last time Hanna-Barbera created anything related to the franchise until 2017's The Jetsons & WWE Robo-WrestleMania.



A short sample of the song from the movie.

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